St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, GA

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Atlanta is cold and rainy today, but last year I was lucky enough to be in Savannah, GA to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s an unlikely hotspot for the Irish holiday, with one of the largest (rumor has, second-largest!) parades in the country. The crowds and the energy were similar to that of Halloween in New Orleans—it was bustling, but not uncomfortably crazy. Plenty of beer and green, just as you’d expect.

Not too many pictures of the evening festivities (but perhaps that’s for the best!). We grabbed food and brews on Barnard Street, where there was live music. For awhile we wound up upstairs at Wild Wing Cafe, which I’ll admit got a little crazy. River Street was packed to the gills, but the candy shops were still giving away their free praline samples.

I love Savannah, and had been before, but I’ve got to say, if you’re planning your first trip there around St. Patrick’s Day, don’t do it. Savannah’s true charm is in its quiet beauty—empty squares and rustling trees. Late spring and late summer are perfect times to go and enjoy the slower pace of one of the South’s most beautiful port cities. And on that note, here’s some shots of Savannah in it’s normal state: