A Love Letter

I’ve been in love with traveling since I was 17. But the last few months, something has felt off for me. The trip to Egypt in October was a culmination of so many years of dreaming and weeks of planning—a true pinnacle. What could follow that? On top of that, change and uncertainty at home have been making me feel less adventurous, and more concerned with establishing some stability before hopping back out into the world.

But it hasn’t felt right to neglect my blog, and so for some storytelling help, I asked some fellow travel bloggers to write me love letters to their favorite cities in honor of Valentine’s Day. I thought I would get maybe 5-7 to make a nice post, but I wound up with over twenty. Thoughtfully-crafted, wonderfully imagined love posts about the places and moments that changed them as people. Places that proved to be turning points, places that reminded them who they are. Places that challenged them, or fascinated them, or comforted them. Reading them made me remember why I love traveling so much—that it brings such growth, insight, and healing.

I’ll be publishing them in batches of three over the rest of the month, and updating this post with all of them once they are done. But I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to the bloggers who participated, who brought real inspiration when I was feeling burned low.

And to kick off the series, here’s my letter to my absolute favorite place…

A Love Letter to the Sky

It’s funny, in life, I am a person all about the destination. Where am I going? How fast can I get there? But when traveling, I love the journey.

I love the long expanse of time suspended in the sky. Watching the world unfurl and the clouds slide past. The occasional tremors of wind and weather reminding me of the forces that are so much bigger than myself. I love watching the shadows of the sun wheeling above, and the sharpness of the stars pricking the blackest night possible. I love to think of the small children down below who watch the archs of these man-made comets trace the horizon, the journeys inside them yet to begin.

I love to go. I love to be gone.

Transported through the endless blue. Feet dangling over the ocean, over cities, fields, and farms. Body snugged into the seat, surrendering, for once, to an invisible route and the forces that drive me there.

Head in the clouds.

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