Love Letters to New York City, Seoul, and Galway

This post is part of a series of love letters written by travel bloggers and expats about their favorite places around the world. Read more here!

Love Letter to New York City

from Anisa at Two Traveling Texans

Dearest New York City,

You never cease to amaze me. I am never bored when I am with you.  From your many museums to your monuments. I have been to the Met countless times, yet each time I go back I find things I haven’t seen. The Statue of Liberty makes me proud to be an American, and the 9/11 Memorial makes me emotional every time I go.  

There are not enough nights to see all your Broadway shows, operas, or comedy clubs. The talent that I see in some of the street performers amazes me. If I am not in the mood for a show you have plenty of other nightlife options—rooftop bars, speakeasies, pubs or even nightclubs.

When it comes to shopping, you have something for everyone. I love to window-shop along Fifth Avenue, then scoop up the deals at Century 21.  Don’t get me started on your restaurants. You offer every cuisine possible and it’s some of the best food in the wood.

You are at your best in the summer when the sun is shining. I love relaxing in Central Park and admiring your striking skyline. Yes, you can be dirty and stinky in some places, but that’s part of your charm. I love you and miss you. Hope we are back together very soon.


Love Letter to Seoul

from Ethan at Seoul Inspired

Many people shy away from big cities, and I know many who could never imagine living in one. I, however, was always drawn to them. The big neon signs, the bustling streets, and the constant life. I could say that I considered Seoul for a long time, but I would be lying. As soon as I saw images of the city in all of its glory I knew where I wanted to live. 

Fast forward two years and I love it more than ever. I now know so much more about the city than I did a couple of years prior, but that has only made me love it more. The capital of South Korea is a city of contrast. Traditional temples sit right next to towering skyscrapers. Homeless gather cardboard boxes next to shiny Mercedes. Trees poke up from streams amongst the concrete jungle.

All of these contrasts are what make me love Seoul – it’s a city of diversity and one that is truly unique. As a photographer I find myself out and about always, trying to find new scenes and different views. However, I needn’t walk far to find something new in this ever-changing city.

Seoul shows that many things can co-exist, and it does so in a beautiful way. I’ve never before been in a place which has encouraged me to always get out and explore, and I’ve never been in a place that has caused me to grow and learn so much.

Because of this, I love Seoul.

Love Letter to Galway

from Roxanna from Gypsy with a Day Job

My Dearest Galway,

I think about when we first met, how you played hard to get.  There between heavy traffic, through the apartment clad streets of your outskirts, I wondered why I had come.  

Then I passed the remnants of your medieval wall. There in the Latin Quarter, in your old town, I saw your true face, and the charm that draws visitors from around the world.

You have been through so much, from Viking Raids to the Spanish Armada, from the siege of Cromwell to the siege of the famine.  Yet your cobblestoned streets are lined with bright colored shops, and craic filled pubs, musicians and dancers performing along the way.  

I strolled your avenues, and heard the tales: those of pirate queens, poets and presidents, actors and explorers. I visited your ancient cathedrals, walked through your Spanish Arch, sat along the banks of the River Corrib. All around young and old mingled together, a buzz of laughter and good conversation. All around strangers felt at home, as if they were friends.

That’s how you made me feel Galway, as if we were friends, or perhaps more than friends.  I had to leave you far too soon. How my heart longs to see you again.