JUMP Bikes: The Uber of Cycling

If you’ve been to Berlin recently, you’ve likely spotted little fleets of bright red bikes on every corner. Fairly new to the Berlin bike scene, JUMP Bikes are a great way to get around this highly bike-friendly city. And they’re not just limited to Berlin. Cities across Germany, Portugal, the U.K., and now the U.S. have access to JUMP bikes. All you need is the Uber app.

What you need to know about JUMP Bikes

What are JUMP Bikes?

JUMP bikes are billed as electric bicycles. Easily recognizable for their bright red color, these sturdy bikes are pedal-assisted. That means your own physical momentum powers the electric motor—simply put, the faster you pedal, the faster you’ll go.

How fast do JUMP Bikes go?

On a JUMP bike, you can quickly hit up to 20 mph (32kph). They outpace classic cycles with ease, halving cycling times cross-city. And let me tell you—it’s fucking fun to go that fast. The first time I hit the pedal I literally whooped out loud. That said, the speed (and the thrill) can also be a bit dangerous. I hit a speedbump on my JUMP bike once and nearly flipped off the back. I’d recommend wearing a helmet when you ride. If you don’t have a helmet, pay attention to the road and traffic.

How do I access JUMP Bikes?

While JUMP has their own app, there’s an easier way to access the bicycles. If you already have the Uber app, you can use it to rent a JUMP bike. Simply click the bicycle in the lower right-hand corner of the map to toggle out of car-share and into bike-share.

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Use the app to scan the code on the bike and start your rental. Once confirmed, you’ll need to unlatch the built-in lock and store the cord (it coils, vacuum-style, back into the lock mechanism). Then you’re good to go!

What does it cost to use the JUMP bikes?

With the Uber app, it costs 1 euro to rent the bike, and 10 cents per minute after. There’s apparently talks of building a subscription service, where for a flat fee, you can access a set number of rides or minutes per month. This will make JUMP bikes competitive not just with bike-share programs, but also with public transport—especially in flat cities with good cycling infrastructure.

Using JUMP Bikes a tourist in Berlin

If you’re visiting Berlin, the JUMP Bikes are a great way to get around this bike-friendly city. When I first visited Berlin, biking was my favorite way to explore. The benefits of these bikes versus a classic hotel rental are that you don’t have to keep tabs on the bike all day. If you want to hop on the Bahn or walk to your next destination, just park it and leave it. And with the JUMP’s added speed, you can see more of the city with less effort. Tool through the Tiergarten, trace the Berlin Wall, or hop from museum to museum with ease.

What else do I need to know about riding JUMP Bikes?

  • At 70 lbs (32kg), the bikes have some heft. It’s a nice anchor to counteract the speed.
  • The bikes are serviced regularly, to ensure you won’t rent one with flat tires or dirty baskets.
  • Pay attention to parking zones—leaving the JUMP bikes in the middle of the sidewalk or street will incur a fee.
  • The JUMP bikes have a range of 40 miles (64km) before they need to be serviced.
  • If you need to make a stop along your way, you can hold a bike. Simply lock it and hit the “Hold” button in the JUMP or Uber app. Just note that the hold time is factored into your overall rental time.
  • Always follow your city’s bike laws and please bike safely. I’ve been hit before on a bike and trust me, it is not fun.