Travel Inspiration: Puglia in Photos

After Marseilles, the next shoot I did for On Running was in Puglia. The concept was “Discover Outer Spaces”, a metaphor for how the strange beauty of our own planet is just as worth exploring as that of other planets. Understandably, the theme of the shoot was “otherworldly outdoors”, and we sourced off-the-beaten-track, fantastically beautiful locations all along the coast outside of Bari. I know, I know—a photoshoot in Italy in winter, what a dream! In truth, I’m not sure I’ve ever been colder in my life, despite multiple layers, furry insoles, and portable heater packets. Something about the wet wind whirling around the rocks just froze me to my bones. And worst, it was off-season for the hospitality industry, meaning our hotel rooms also weren’t warmed, and most nights, neither was the food. Not my favorite Italian experience! But one I’ll be happy to give a second chance come sunnier days…

One of the coolest things about this shoot were the people we featured—including Sophia Danenberg, the first Black woman and first African-American to climb Mount Everest. An absolute inspiration, wonderful person, and badass mountaineer… you can see her climbing one of the rocky outcrops in a photo below as she waited between takes. #casual

Curious what we made? Check out the finished film.