About Me

I’m Gabrielle—a writer, photographer, and ad creative who’s been on the move since I was 17. 

I grew up in Oakland, California and for the early part of my life, I was firmly rooted in the beautiful Bay Area. And then I caught the travel bug. Hard. At 17, I left home for the East Coast and haven’t stopped moving yet. From San Francisco to Boston, from Amsterdam to Bangkok, from New York to Atlanta, from Hamburg to Berlin. Exploring everywhere in between. I love to deep dive into new places, learning as much as I can about a culture, language, and people. I prefer to fill my life with experiences, not things. And I love sharing the things I learned along the way—whether they’re photos, ideas, tips, or a few crazy stories.

Right now, I’m living and working in Berlin with my German travel (and life) partner, Tim, and our black lab, Heidi.

You can look for me again tomorrow, but it’s more than likely that I’ll already be up and gone.

This is a mish-mash of curated content from the interwebs (things that inspire me—or at least make me want to pack my bag again) and my own reflections, ideas, and advice.

3 replies to About Me
  1. What an inspiring Page! I love reading about personal achievements, realistic examples and people on the go with adventurous spirits—they are the ones worth following for. Wow—you’ve started moving since 17!I salute you for that. I’m looking forward to read more about you and follow your travel adventures and its so nice to know that you are based in Berlin.Oh well, here in Bavaria, we say “Servus!”
    I was wondering how many languages you speak?


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