Up and Gone: 2019’s Year in Travel

While 2018 was packed with adventure, 2019 felt much more leisurely. There were work trips, pleasure trips, surprise trips. Beach trips and city trips. But most were short getaways, or trips back home to California. 2019 brought a lot of instability and curveballs—including one cancelled trip and one bout of severe travel sickness…but it reminded…

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Featured On: Written From Interviews

I recently chatted to Megan and Luis from Written From as part of their ongoing interview series. I talked to them about why I love being on the move, how I fund my trips (despite major student loan debt) and schedule the time off (despite a demanding full-time job), and how I’d define my “travel philosophy”. Check it out here!


Up and Gone: 2018’s Travel Year in Review

2018 was packed with adventures—for both business and pleasure—and milestones. 29 years of my life passed by without me ever visiting Africa, but in 2018 I went three times. Other firsts included: riding a snowmobile, surfing, exploring a ghost town, seeing wild elephants, and getting my dog a passport. Going to the top of a…

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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Berlin is having what all the Germans assure me is the mildest November in living history. To top off these golden days, I got word at the end of November that Daniela from The Grumpy Camel awarded me the Sunshine Blogger Award! The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and…

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Why I Moved to Germany

After a long break from regular blogging, I’m excited to share some huge news—as of March 2, I’ll be one-way bound for Hamburg, Germany. I’ve gotten a few questions as to why Deutschland, why now? And my main answer is, why not? A lot of things happened in 2015. I met some incredible people, I…

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