Where in the World is…

Nope, not Carmen San Diego. The correct answer this time is the Google Street View. The BBC’s new Geoguesser game challenges you to look at scenes from Google Maps and try to orient yourself on the map. The closer you are to the actual location pictured, the more points you get—and it’s really interesting to try…

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Cheers to Carlsberg: Beer Billboards

What’s better than beer? Free beer. What’s better than free beer? Beer that comes from a billboard. Okay, I don’t know if that last claim is true, but it sure is rad. (Of course, you all know I have a weak spot for innovative beer dispensaries). Carlsberg is making a load of Londoners happy with what they…

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Friday Fun: Stay in a Gingerbread Hotel

  The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and while lots of us travel, it isn’t always for fun. So in case you need a sweet break from the festivus fracas, check out Gingerbread BNB. This booking site allows you to take a virtual vacation in the name of a good cause— and here’s the fun bit: these holiday…

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Adventurous Hotel Rooms Around the World

David and I just booked a long weekend trip to Yosemite, where we’ll be yurt camping. I’m pretty excited—I’ve always been fascinated with unconventional (well, for the Western world) dwellings and buildings that let you get close to your outside environment. I know yurt camping (ugh, do I have to call it “glamping”?) has gotten…

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Creatives Reboot Through Travel

Anyone who has traveled anywhere knows that it’s pretty much impossible to go away and not come back changed in some way. Maybe it’s a fresh new outlook. Maybe it’s a spark of inspiration. Maybe it’s an openness to something you’d been closed to before. Whatever it is, it can rock you out your ruts…

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Infograph: SF Neighborhoods by Bikes

Can’t resist sharing this awesome infographic of San Francisco neighborhoods as shown by bikes (designed by Tor Weeks). Shoutout to blogger Jason Evanish for sharing in the first place, and for all of the much appreciated “moving-to-San-Francisco” advice!

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Turning World Cup Stadiums Into Housing

From Stadium Seats to Sitting Rooms: Turning World Cup Stadiums Into Housing

Wow—what an incredible idea. As the World Cup medal ceremony commenced, I had more than a pang of sadness at the thought of these colossal structures going to waste. But then I came across this article on Fast Company that showcases two architects with a brilliant idea of turning the World Cup stadiums into high-density housing. With the public enraged at the use of government spending for the FIFA tournament, what better way to spin the situation into a positive than by turning them into a public benefit? Click the link above for the rest of the story and pics!


Connections: Young Brazilians Meet Elderly Americans

Often the main issue with learning a new language is trying to find someone to practice with. Who do you talk to? How can you find native speakers in your home country? Agency FCB Brazil solved that problem handily by introducing a speaking exchange that used webcam technology to connect Brazilian English students with retirement…

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